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Why Should St. Lucia be the Next Destination you Visit?

Why Should St. Lucia be the Next Destination you Visit?

St. Lucia is one of the greatest islands on the earth floating in the Caribbean Sea just like an emerald tear drop. The heart warming beaches, soulful runs through the rich forests, and diving into the crystal-clear waters of St. Lucia is all what makes it wonderful. It’s rightly said that St. Lucia is a destination for your mind and soul. Here we’ll discuss why exploring St. Lucia will be one of the greatest and most soulful experience of your life.

St. Lucia mostly consists on volcanic steep merely high mountains sweeping all across the island. You can explore the African-Caribbean culture of St. Lucia and its thrilling history in the ruins of forts. You can stretch your legs under the scorching sun on fine sand beaches running around the island. Or you can dive into the ocean and experience the reefs and life below sea level. This is what makes up St. Lucia; and yet it might sound simpler as the beauty of St. Lucia can only be felt through each soul and mind individually

St. Lucia is mostly referred to as a destination for honeymooners, but it will be a wonderful adventure in exploring St. Lucia on your own and here’s why.

Things to do in St. Lucia

There is a lot of stuff to do in St. Lucia but here are somethings that should be a must while exploring St. Lucia. It doesn’t matter if you are exploring St. Lucia by yourself or with a partner, there are a lot of mysteries left to uncover.

Visit Resorts

There are plenty of resorts in St. Lucia and all of them are beautiful in them on way. There are resorts lining the peaks of hills with mesmerizing scenes to offer, or there are resorts covering the shores with endless waters on one side and dense forest on the other. Some preferable options for resorts are: Marigot beach and dive resort, Jade mountain resort and Ladera resort.

Take a bath of rejuvenation

Rinse all the negative energy from your body by taking a bath in the Sulphur springs of St. Lucia. The hot water of these springs will enrichen your mind and refresh your soul. The muddy springs may look like a messy thing but they’ve been proven healthy for skin. You can also swim in clear sea waters or just take a sunbathe under the shimmering sunlight. All beaches in St. Lucia are public, so you can also enter a resort and go to their beach and nobody will question you being there.

Eat with a view

Either if you prefer fancy hotel food or on the go street food, St. Lucia has all of it to offer. There are many resorts around the island offering sumptuous food with a view of the valley and the mountains bordered by an endless sea. You can find the most suitable place to eat according to your interests easily. We’ll suggest the street food as well, as it contains the enriched St. Lucian tradition in it and this way, you’d also be able to interact with locals.

If you’re looking for a vacation where you can discover yourself then trust us that St. Lucia is place you should visit. St. Lucia will bring you the kind of refreshment that your body, soul and mind seek!

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