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Why Curacao Should Be Your Next Baecation Destination?

Why Curacao Should Be Your Next Baecation Destination?

If you’re planning for an exotic, secluded romantic getaway with your Bae then Curaçao is the perfect choice for you. Curaçao has everything to offer that one looks for in a romantic getaway destination perfect for you and your Bae. You can enjoy everything here from secluded beaches to Couple massages, adrenaline rushing activities to mouthwatering eateries. No matter you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or you just want to spend some quality time with your lover. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider Curaçao as you next Baecation destiny.

Mesmerizing Beaches:

The beaches in Curaçao are literally worth dying for there are altogether 35 beaches in this small country. If you like adventure then you should definitely take boat to Klein Curaçao, it is the island’s secluded heart.  This beach in Curaçao have all sorts of marine activities that are perfect for a fun filled couple experience. You can go scuba diving with your bae or try out snorkeling. If you want even more privacy and seclusion to live your intimate moments then you can drive further to a local beach. You can easily find local beaches using Curaçao island travel guide.

World-class Spas:

If you want to enjoy an unwinding retreat with your partner then Curacao’s got you covered. With the most elite Spas to offer that comes with open-air rooms for treatment and jacuzzies along the cliffside. You and your bae can enjoy couple massage enjoying the picturesque views of turquoise water for ultimate relaxation. You can even experience beachfront massage in downtown Willemstad.

Island’s rocking nightlife:

If you and your partner are night owls and are wondering what will you do during late hours in Curacaos? Then don’t worry because Curacaos has a really colorful and amazing nightlife where you can enjoy a rocking time with your bae. You can find every kind of live music here from jazz to pop and soca playing in the festive bars. Some places that you should definitely see are; Avila Beach Hotel, Mambo Beach, St. Tropez Ocean Club and Mundo Bizarro. All these places are well renown for their exciting nightlife and street party.

Explore the Artsy side of Willemstad:

If you have a taste for good art and culture as well as good cuisine then Curacao is a paradise for you. There is so much to explore and do in Curacao that you and your bae won’t get bored at all. Downtown Willemstad is full of colorful Dutch Colonial buildings declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. Don’t forget to visit Handelskade to explore iconic floating boat market and try out some delicious new dishes with bae. If you love wall murals then you should definitely visit Otrobanda and Pietermaai neighborhoods. Both are the trendiest places in urban Curacao to hang out with your bae.

Apart from the activities and places to see mentioned-above, there are tons of more to explore in the amazing country of Curacao.     

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