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The Unexplored Regions of Hidden Gem Nevis

The Unexplored Regions of Hidden Gem Nevis

Nevis, an almost circular 36 square mile island nation just southeast of Puerto Rico and west of Antigua is an unspoiled and relaxing hideaway that caters to travelers looking for the perfect tropical vacation. Vividly green with blue skies and long empty beaches; Nevis will compel you to stop and truly appreciate the endless natural beauty that will be surrounding you. Nevis is known for its countless activities, fantastic wildlife, unique accommodation, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and harmonious sounds. All of these wonderful characteristics leaves no question as to why you MUST visit this beautiful island paradise.

The island once named Oualie (“Land of Beautiful waters”) by the Caribs and Dulcina (“Sweet Island”) by the Arawaks is full of enriching and intriguing activities. Just a few of these include a tour of the island and rich culture, historical explorations, heritage trails, golf, Bar stops, and Water exploring. Nevis offers one of the most unique Caribbean experiences because it is one of a few islands which has wild monkeys. They are African Green Vervet Monkeys that were first brought to the islands as pets in the 17th or 18th centuries. In addition to the wild monkeys, there are a few species of turtles that nest from April to November every year! These endangered species consists’ of the Hawksbill, the Leatherback, and the Green; They typically prefer to nest on high energy beaches with open sand, the most popular being Lover’s Beach which is located right near the airport.

The island remains unspoiled as there are no casinos, all-inclusive, or any large distracting cruise ships pulling ashore. Private retreats hidden in the foliage can be found deep in the hills for a more secluded stay or right on the beautiful white sand beaches. The options are endless when considering where to spend your time; luxury hotels, colonial style inns, villas, and contemporary condos. If luxury is on your list the Four Seasons Resort Nevis has been accommodating guest for nearly 30 years. The property is situated on the site of an old sugar plantation alongside Pinney’s beach. If you are looking to embrace some of the rich history the island has to offer, Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is the place for you. This luxurious property offers the only historic plantation inn on a beach. While checked in you can enjoy some of the island’s traditional and delicious cuisine in a refined atmosphere overlooking the famous avenue of the palms. On Mondays, experience Nevis night on the beach with surf-and-turf and live music. Thursday night is the popular beach BBQ featuring a seafood feast, local vendors, and a lively local band.

While there are plenty of spots throughout the US, Mexico, and Caribbean where you can just lounge on a sunny beach, if you are looking for a unique, personalized, and adventurous vacation then Nevis is one of the best options. Come and discover this remarkable gem for yourself!

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