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Become One with Nature on a trip to Grenada, The ‘Spice Isle’

Become One with Nature on a trip to Grenada, The ‘Spice Isle’

Located between Trinidad and Tobago and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, is the gorgeous island of Grenada. Dubbed the ‘spice island of the Caribbean’ due to its production of nutmeg and mace crops, Grenada has much more to offer than the abundance of spices that put this small country on the map. If you are looking to experience the perfect island getaway complete with breathtaking views and a unique island life experience.

The most popular reason for visiting this small island nation is to unwind on the white sands at Grand Anse, near the capital of St. George’s. This iconic two-mile stretch of pearl-white sand that gently emerges into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Sunny days can be spent lounging beneath the shady coconut palms and sea-grape trees. Many of the island’s most famous resorts are located within walking distance of these sand, which stretch from Mount Cinnamon to the island’s capital. When you are done lounging on the pristine sands, take a dive into the clear ocean and try snorkeling near Boss Reef where you are guaranteed to marvel at the vividly colored fish and coral. When you have had enough relaxation, explore some of the many small bars sprinkled across the sands. Be sure to visit the lively Grand Anse Craft and Spice Market, where you can find stalls selling everything from Grenada’s famous spices to crafts by local artists.

The island’s beautiful landscapes offers a chance to explore Grenada’s natural sites and spend some time being active. The natural reserves and waterfalls located at Grand Etang National Park are a must-see. High up in the mountains of the central highlands, about 1,740 feet above sea-level is the flower-filled rainforest that contains the remains of a once-active volcano! Thrill seekers everywhere will enjoy the experience at the visitor’s center and museum to learn about the park’s history, vegetation, and forestry. Hikes ranging from 15 minutes to four hours, best experienced with a guide, allow a closer look at the flora and fauna and exotic wildlife. This landscape features numerous eco-systems including secluded beaches, volcanic mountains, and rainforests filled with Grenada doves, Mona Monkeys, tropical hummingbirds, and much more. However, the most standout feature by far is the striking waterfalls; the water races down the side of the mountains into an enormous pool of cool water ideal for swimming.

From the beautiful and scenic sands and beaches, majestic waterfalls, and mysterious forests, Grenada is an island brimming with diverse landscapes just waiting to be explored. The lack of high-rise hotels and the combination of beaches and nature is sure to make your experience more than special. Dive into the natural beauty that is Grenada!

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