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Nevis Mango and Food Festival: Delicacies you must taste!

Nevis Mango and Food Festival: Delicacies you must taste!

The Nevis Mango and Food Festival is an entire weekend, July 2nd to 5th 2020, that is dedicated to the island’s over 40 varieties of mangos and the creative cuisine made with it. The festival poses a challenge to all participating chefs as every course of every meal must have the infamous Nevis mangos incorporated into them. These four days consists of dining experiences, cooking demonstrations, and master cook-along classes conducted by international celebrity chefs and Nevisian chefs. Attendees are in for a fun and unique treat since everything that will be eaten is most likely a recipe that has never even been tasted before.

Nevis mangoes are truly something special, they are prized for their texture and flavor. The island is overrun by mango trees, the branches hang heavy with them over the narrow island roads. Something about the island’s climate and soil has allowed it to house thousands and thousands of mango trees, from the indigenous nano variety to the Amory Polly and we cannot forget about the coveted Julie mango. Over the years many people have brought mango seeds to Nevis which could explain why there are so many different varieties. But if you are looking to get a taste of this mango paradise, you’ll have to make it to the island first. Nevis mango trees can be affected by the mango seed weevil, a pest that does not affect mangoes eaten on the island but forces all fresh mangoes to stay on the island. 

These mangoes are responsible for inspiring creativity among both the celebrity and local chefs who select their favorite varieties and turn them into salsas, sauces, marinades, cocktails, desserts and more! If you want to enjoy the mangoes like the locals, simply eat them fresh off the trees. Often a fresh mango straight from the tree is still warm from the sun and juicy enough that you can eat the fruit with just your teeth.

Whether you are looking for a unique culinary experience or a sweet relaxing tropical paradise, Nevis carries a certain charm that no one can resist. While enjoying the island’s delicious cuisine, you can also explore the other hidden gems Nevis has to offer. Best known for being the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, Nevis holds a rich history just waiting to be explored. There are special wildlife experiences, unique accommodations, lively music, and fantastic foliage and landscapes. Come and enjoy the unique tastes of the Nevis mango for yourself!

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